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Rules and Regulations

Guidelines for Parents
Hollotoli School wishes to inform the parents that like every educational institution this is also a democratic institution and hence we observe no protocol or preferential treatment. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
► You are requested to read the contents of the Almanac carefully and in the interest of the students, abide by the rules laid down by the school.
► You are always welcome to the school and assess the progress of your child. On arrival, you need to contact the school office and the school office       will inform the Principal/Headmistress, then the concerned teacher, if any personal attention is required.
► You are requested not to send your child when he/she has any infectious disease. A medical fitness certificate needs to be submitted before the child      returns to school.
► You must ensure that your child comes in proper school uniform and is neatly dressed from the very beginning of the session.
► Kindly co-operate with us to reinforce the value of punctuality and discipline among the students.


Hollotoli School strongly stresses on proper behavior and discipline at all times when on school grounds, representing school, attending a school activity or when clearly associated with the school, i.e. when wearing school uniform. Every child is expected to respect the properties of the school and personal rights of others and cooperate with everyone in the school community. Good conduct provides a safe and orderly environment where students can grow to their full academic and social potentials. Students who are caught violating the rules or found any breach of conduct will be strictly dealt with. The following disciplinary actions might be taken against the breach of conduct and violation of rules:


1. BLUE CARD is issued if a student -
          (i). Is not wearing proper uniform as specified. (summer/winter/ house uniform)
          (ii). Has unruly behavior in the class, dining hall and school premises.
          (iii). Is found mishandling /breaking the school property.
          (iv). Fails to complete any academic works.
          (v). Continuously indulges in excessive and disruptive talks in class.
2. YELLOW CARD is issued to students for any kind of indiscipline as follows -
          (i). Using abusive language.
          (ii). Use of violence of any form.
          (iii). Found cheating or using unfair means during any examination.
          (iv). Bringing mobile phones or any electronic devices.
          (v). Persistent or habitual mischief.
          (vi). Fighting.
(vii). Excessive violation of rules stated under the Blue Card.

3. RED CARD is issued to a student if he/she is -
          (i). Found using alcohol, tobacco or using drugs of any form.
          (ii). Found bullying friends in any form (i.e. verbal, physical, emotional).
          (iii). Found showing misconduct/ disrespect towards any teachers or staff of the school.
          (iv). Been issued two Yellow Cards.
          (v). Caught or found involved in any kind of immoral activity inside the school premises.
          (vi). Found indulging in acts of cruelty, including threatening others/students or slandering.
          (vii). Found causing injury to another student by hitting, pushing, kicking or verbal abuse.
(viii). Found guilty of habitual violation of the school rules.

           (ix). Repeatedly/ excessively violating the above stated rules. (Rule 1 & 2)


With a view to improve the discipline of the school, the Disciplinary Committee along with the Co-ordination Committee decided to implement the Card System. Defaulters will be given a warning and a letter will be sent to the parents before issuing any Card(s).

(i). Students getting Blue Card will be awarded Detention for 3 days.
(ii). Students getting Yellow Card will be awarded Detention for 1 week.
(iii). Students getting Red Card will lead to suspension/ expulsion from the school.
► Students getting 2 YELLOW CARDS will be subjected to SUSPENSION for 2 or more weeks. Further violation of the rules will result in the issue      of the RED CARD and EXPULSION from the school.
► Detention timings will be from 2:30 - 4:30 pm. The school office will inform the parents about their child’s/ward’s detention.
► School transportation will not be provided during the detention period. Parents will have to pick up the student after detention.
► During the detention and suspension period, the student will be marked as 'absent'. This will affect the child's 75% attendance.
► Students who misbehave or show misconduct to the bus driver or conductor inside the school bus will not be allowed to avail transportation and      disciplinary action will be taken.
► The Discipline Committee will keep a record of all the disciplinary actions taken against a student and the concerned parents will be informed at all      times.
The Principal may ask parents to withdraw their child from the school without any reason if it is considered to be in the interest of other students.


Hollotoli School is committed to provide learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their potential to adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.


The school motto – "Shine with Honour" – embodies the essence of discipline, hard-work and fair play. It also endorses its belief in all-round excellence.


Our Vision is to ensure that our children leave the school with:
• A set of moral values
• A set of basic skills
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Hollotoli School, established in 2006, is recognised by the Government of Nagaland. The School is affiliated to Central Board of School Education (CBSE).. Read more

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