Hollotoli School

"Shine With Honor"

General Rules and Regulations

  ► Boarders follow the daily routine of the hostel and school, unless exempted on medical grounds on the recommendation of the warden.
  ► They are not allowed to stay in the dorms during school hours / games / activity / study time.
  ► They are not allowed to keep or take medicine or tonic without the knowledge of the warden. Any medicine must be handed over to the
       school nurse.
  ► Mobiles and any electronic devices are not allowed in the school premises.
  ► Any valuable articles and money are not allowed in the hostel. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any property of the students.
  ► Boarders are not allowed to visit or go home for one month after every long and short break.
  ► Any boarder falling sick will report to the warden immediately.
  ► Boarders should not carry any tuck from home. Items like gutka, cigarettes, alcohol, supari, paan etc. or even empty packets of the same
       found in their possession will qualify for serious disciplinary actions.
  ► Parents are requested to write or stitch the student’s admission number on every item of clothing and things.
  ►  Boys and girls are not allowed to be seen in pairs or visit each other's dormitories. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any
  ► Any inquiries regarding their wards by parents must be made only to the wardens.
  ► Entry into the dormitory by parents is prohibited. They may meet their wards in the visitor’s room.
  ► In case of any breakage of school property due to carelessness or negligence, the parents of the students concerned will have to pay the cost
       of replacement of the things damaged.


Hollotoli School is committed to provide learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their potential to adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.


The school motto – "Shine with Honour" – embodies the essence of discipline, hard-work and fair play. It also endorses its belief in all-round excellence.


Our Vision is to ensure that our children leave the school with:
• A set of moral values
• A set of basic skills
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Hollotoli School, established in 2006, is recognised by the Government of Nagaland. The School is affiliated to Central Board of School Education (CBSE).. Read more

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