Hollotoli School

"Shine With Honor"

Principal's Message

We at Hollotoli, learn to solve a jigsaw puzzle called "Life". And it is not rocket science. It is about getting our basics right with our feet deeply grounded in the essence of our heritage and culture, and understanding the laws of nature; to be observant, inquisitive, and open to experimentation that will in turn trigger innovation towards progress and prosperity. Thus, every classroom in its four walls and beyond engages students to comprehend and acknowledge the essence of the teaching-learning process, which emphasizes learning and exploring both known and unknown. Here, gaining knowledge is a process of deciphering all available resources and keeping the fire burning in our children to aspire for more as all advanced technological aids complemented by a pool of well-qualified academic staff bring in a concoction of tradition and modernity, where Knowledge mingles in the sky of imagination. This reservoir of learned faculties, many of whom are CBSE examiners, Read More...



Nurturing the Future

It is of paramount importance that we follow a holistic approach in the teaching-learning process. Thus, children are introduced to varied learning setups both inside and outside the classroom, which enables each child to explore their full potential. They are also provided with a range of opportunities and are nurtured by a team of multi-disciplined staff.

Building Leadership

There is chaos without capable leaders. Students in Hollotoli School are entrusted with myriad responsibilities to inculcate in them the virtue of leadership so that they emerge as refined and sensible leaders. The school also goes beyond the curriculum to encourage each child and instill in them the qualities and characteristics of leadership.

Taking Initiative

We endeavour to bring forth responsible & sensible citizens. To imbibe a sense of moral obligation towards nature & society, the school initiates & encourages the students to participate in various projects and activities, so that a better world can be created. The school also ensures that each student gets equal opportunities for participation.

2020-21 EVENTS


Hollotoli School is committed to provide learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their potential to adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.


The school motto – "Shine with Honour" – embodies the essence of discipline, hard-work and fair play. It also endorses its belief in all-round excellence.


Our Vision is to ensure that our children leave the school with:
• A set of moral values
• A set of basic skills
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Hollotoli School, established in 2006, is recognised by the Government of Nagaland. The School is affiliated to Central Board of School Education (CBSE).. Read more

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